That Thing That Happened


Available now on Amazon

Available now on Amazon

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Cosy’s Journal

Today the button on my pants popped off in the middle of a class. I don’t mean it merely loosened and required a slight shift of posture to conceal, I mean that sucker blew and ricocheted off the desk of the student closest to me. We all froze as it spun out on the floor: me, twenty-eight teenagers, and the threat of my belly taking over the world. A kind young man picked up the offending button and passed it to me. Nice.

“It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye,” I quipped, clutching my pants and my self-esteem in one mortified hand. I saw a student texting and knew my button adventure was being immortalized in cyber space. Why oh why, did I choose teaching when I could have chosen a more anonymous job, like phone-sex operator? In my next life, I’m going for a teen-free, buttons-optional career. Something where I can wear pajamas all day. And have wine at noon. That would be bliss.

Teaching high school in a small town is not always easy, and running off those last fifteen pounds of baby fat, in purple spandex leggings, when every cinnamon bun knows your name… well, that’s no easy feat either. Cosy LeFevre is happily divorced, happily romancing the Man of her Dreams, and not so happily trying to avoid her mother’s bi-polar hysterics. It’s a good life in a small town, with laughter and cinnamon buns and good friends.

But when tragedy strikes and La Coste High School becomes the focus of a senseless crime, the community struggles to come to terms with the unexpected. There are secrets under the surface of every story, and sometimes the guilty parties are not what they appear. Both gripping and hilarious, Cosy LeFevre’s story will leave you grinning on the edge of your seat.

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18 thoughts on “That Thing That Happened

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  9. Hi Libby,
    I’ve Tweeted and “Liked” your book “That Thing That Happened.” Thanks for stopping by my blog and following me through the World Literary Cafe. Good luck with your book, it really sounds interesting. I look forward to reading it, and plan to review it on my site and Amazon.

  10. Great! Hope book will be available soon in Canada. Right now I guess “not available in your country”

  11. After two months I eventually obtain a printed copy of – That Thing… only has the e-book but I found what I wanted from Amazon in the US.
    A great story. It has humour, pathos and an impressive perspective of the human condition. I hope one day you will autograph my copy for me and then we can sit down for tea – buttered scones with strawberries and cream – and discuss some of the story behind some of the story. I love you.

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