Looong time, no write. Here’s the new direction…

Quite a while ago I posted about reading Liz Gilbert and getting all hot and heavy about manifestation. Well friends, I’ve gone and manifested myself a whole new writing world!

This will likely be my last post on this page (but… never say never) because I am now writing under the pen name of Mavis Williams.

Mavis Williams Blissfully Writing Studio

You can find me there, hiding, but writing with wild abandon.

If you’re interested, and if you would like a free book in celebration of my launch, come on over for a visit! I’d LOVE to see you there!

Manipulating matrimony and a meddling mother… what’s a poor girl to do but get fake married?

Zoe’s trust fund is restricted by her controlling mother, but without it, Zoe can’t buy the restored Lighthouse where she hopes to fulfill her dream of running her own yoga studio. The condition? Get married before she turns thirty.

After the death of his wealthy grandfather, Blake’s ex-wife is determined to sink her teeth back into his finances… and him! Luckily, a tricky little clause in their divorce offers deliverance from her claims to his assets. The condition? Get remarried.

Zoe has already been left at the altar by an opportunistic fiancé. Blake is convinced women are only interested in his wealth.  Marrying for money confirms everything they believe about love… or does it?


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