Blissfully Writing Podcast launch

I am in love with podcasts… so much so, that I have created one myself!

Blissfully Writing Podcast

My delight with podcasts began in the summer when I would take my creative urges outside and I would mache in the sunshine in the back yard. I’d download a podcast, pour a glass of iced tea and blissfully listen and paint and mache as the river rolled by. (I’ll do a post soon on some of my favorites, in case, like me, you are always looking and wondering what’s good in the plethora of choices available on itunes.)

I created my own, because I have been looking for a podcast that is purely narrative… an audiobook, really. I like informational podcasts, but sometimes I just want a story, and I want it to last for days. If you are new to the podcast world, most of them offer episodes of anywhere from ten minutes to an hour or more in length. Some are one person, some are interviews, some are artistically produced with lots of bells and whistles, while other are bare bones content. You do have to comb through to find ones that speak to you, but if you commute, or walk or run or make art in the back yard, a good podcast can be your new best friend! You can find them on itunes, Stitcher, GooglePlay

I have created Blissfully Writing to serve two purposes… first, to read my novels, aloud, complete with voices and intonation and vigor! I cannot read aloud without using different voices for the characters. I think it comes from years of reading “A Christmas Carol” to my children every December, and Franklin the Turtle stories where Franklin sounds like he has a throat full of mud… as a good turtle should.


Blissfully Writing is NOT just an audiobook broken down into half hour episodes. Although, if that’s your pleasure, you can totally listen to it exclusively for the story. BUT, it is also a podcast about creativity, and Making All the Things!

I offer extra episodes call the Maker Episodes, where I discuss this madness that is the creative drive… where does it come from, how can we nurture it, what does it mean? … because I am driven… like a madwoman sometimes… to Make All The Things. Right now, it’s pretty much just me, but I am hoping to soon do some interviews with other creative people who are willing to share their process and their motivation. As soon as I figure out how to do that… technologically speaking…

Toni Morrison said that she wrote her novels because they were the stories she wanted to read. (Hey! There’s a source of the creative drive… artists you admire and how they do their thing!) So I have created a podcast because I wanted to listen to someone read to me. I have three novels published, and three more manuscripts languishing on my computer, and I hope you will take a chance and let me read to you!

(I think this is actually a knee-jerk reaction to empty-nesting and realizing that I have no one at home to read to anymore… please, someone, ANYONE, let me read to you!)

I have no idea how this will go… that’s the beauty of Making Things! I am a die-hard pantster… meaning I never know where things are going, flying by the seat of my pants every minute of every day… as opposed to a plotter who plans everything out before hand. Pffft! Planning!

Give Blissfully Writing a whirl, if you’re looking for some light entertainment to get you through your daily!

Thanks! (Click the picture!)


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