Three reasons to read Liz Gilbert

There is a new word in my vocabulary, and considering that I enjoy words like ‘postulation‘  and ‘prurient‘, this is cause for carousal, titillation and, indeed, maniacal ebullience!

(Sorry. Old english teachers die hard.)


I know, it’s not as exciting as ebullience, but I like it all the same.

Three reasons to love and read Liz Gilbert:

She creates all the things. So. Many.Things.

She’s fucking brilliant.

She uses words like “relentlessly” and “manifestations” in the same sentence and so you just KNOW that chick means business!

I’ve spent a lot of time just letting things happen. I often feel like I kind of fell into my life, and while it’s been a pretty awesome life, I haven’t always felt like I was driving the bus.

You feel me?

I started my family long before I was ready, got married long before I met right guy, chose a career long before I knew anything about what words like “options” and “choice” actually meant.

Don’t get me wrong, I adore my family, I merrily got rid of the wrong guy, and my career has moments of joy I value…

I’m just kind of tired of letting my life happen to me.

Also, I’ve been seriously creatively blocked for the past year and I’m getting really bored of twitching in a corner waiting for inspiration to come save me.

Inspiration is a whale. It’s out there. It’s awesome. And it doesn’t surface when you whistle.

Hellooo, manifestation!

How am I going to do this?

No idea. But its gonna be relentless.

And if my girl-crush Liz Gilbert says I should relentlessly manifest, then amen, hallelujah… I’m gonna manifest the shit outta things! I’ll let you know how it goes…

This is my new favorite space online:

The Journey Junkie

And my new favorite podcast:

Truth and Dare

And my new favorite yoga practice (which I do in the afternoons, because it’s all about Beachbody in the early morning hours!)

Yoga Body Bootcamp


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