The price of a six pack

“Do Beachbody programs cost money? Yes. In four months I have lost 20lbs and 14 inches, without missing meals, or starving or eating weird supplements. Portion control, 30-minute workout videos, a protein shake… priceless!”

Having raised four children since I was nineteen… I grew up Frugal. Thrifty. An Economizer. All euphemisms for CHEAP. I am also, being a child of the era when all our needs weren’t met with a click or a swipe, very self-reliant. If I can’t do it by myself, well then, something’s wrong, right?

I can lose weight all by myself, thank you very much.

Paying for a fitness program? I don’t think so.

That is something I do not do. I do not pay for things that I can do myself… I don’t have a housekeeper, I don’t take my car to be detailed, I don’t buy frozen entrees.


Crossing the threshold of fifty has turned my body into a bizarre foreign entity over which I seem to have no control. The skin on my neck is doing this weird crepe-paper thing that makes me look like I have turkey wattles. My uterus, who has never really been my friend, regularly puts on spikey crampons (is it a coincidence that it rhymes with tampons? I think not.) like mountain climbers wear to climb Everest, as she tap dances on my pelvis.  My intestines rebel against the most benign intrusions… acid reflux, from water? Seriously?

The wattles… the traitor uterus… the burning guts after one bite of toast… the weight gain that I just can’t seem to control…desperate times call for desperate measures!  And again, I refuse to become a slave to menopause! I refuse to become a stranger in my own body! But I discovered I needed help to reinvent my body and myself.

Do you know what my first Beachbody program cost me (21 Day Fix)? Less than $10 a day. After the initial enrollment (where you get the videos and the portion containers and the Shakeo cup), the second and third months cost me about $4 a day.

Do Beachbody programs cost money? Yes. In four months I have lost 20lbs and 14 inches, without missing meals, or starving or eating weird supplements. Portion control, 30 minute workout videos, a protein shake… priceless!

My Money Stats

  • Before I started the 21 Fix program, I wasn’t meal planning and I was spending about $5 a day at the cafeteria to buy my lunch, which usually ended up being something made with mayonnaise or chocolate chips. Muffins. Pizza. High carb ugliness that hurt my belly (I’m a teacher, and believe me, you do NOT poop at school!) and didn’t give me the stamina I was craving.
  • Before I started the 21 Fix program, I was buying a bottle of wine pretty much every day. Between myself and my Love, that’s two glasses with supper, which isn’t terrible, especially when you read those devious health reports telling you a glass of red wine every day is good for you. But, a bottle of wine a day is about $12, (unless you get excited about the new Apothic brand and then it creeps up to $20 a day), but being Frugal, I tend to buy my wine by the box which brings the price down to about $4 a glass… so I was spending roughly $8 a day on wine. Wine, which makes me sleepy, and can give me a headache, and does nothing to improve my energy levels although I am quite cheerful under the influence…
  • Before I started the 21 Day Fix program I was buying a coffee on my way to work every morning. $2 a day, $10 a week. Wait…I still buy a coffee. It’s coffee, people! I’m just a woman, I’m not a Superhero! So… lets just ignore the coffee bit, ok?

So… before Beachbody, I was spending roughly $25 a week on lunches and $56 a week on wine for a total of $324 a month on things that made me lethargic, unhealthy and depressed because I was lethargic and unhealthy. During my four months using the Beachbody program I have spent approximately $166 a month on things that have energized me, transformed my outlook and motivated me physically and emotionally.

No brainer.

When I consider how much money I have spent over the years on my kids’ extras… hockey, tennis, swimming, horses, travel, summer camps… and I never blinked at those bills. The kids enjoyed those things, and it made them happy, productive, well-rounded people. Now, they are all grown (but still expensive! Don’t kid yourself, the money continues to flow in an unending stream toward the progeny) and here I am cringing at the thought of spending a few dollars on my own health and well-being? Seriously?


Beachbody programs cost me LESS than I was spending making myself miserable.

No. Brainer.

(Oh, and, little disclaimer here… I don’t have a six-pack, despite the title of this blog post. I just thought it was kinda catchy. I have a belly 🙂

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