Saying yes… to a Troll!

Several years ago I adopted a new policy. I called it the Say Yes policy, because it involved the Saying of Yes to things that I usually reacted to with a No.

I am a Say No kinda girl, in most instances.

Actually, quite often I’m a Say No, Then Run-Away-Screaming kind of girl, especially if the Saying of Yes indicates an agreement to do anything with Other People. I’m an anti-social, introverted creature, with an aversion to social engagements, social gatherings, social events, social studies… I used to have to Say Yes to things because they involved my children. But then my children all went and grew up, damn them, and I started to hide under a boulder because no one was forcing me out into the light of day. Sadly, hermitage isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, even though it’s blissfully easy.

Hence, the Say Yes Policy, which I adopted so that I would not moulder under a boulder, as it were. As well as being anti-social, I am incredibly lucky. Lucky, because the Saying of Yes has allowed me to participate in some pretty cool things, with some incredibly talented people, and although it doesn’t come without bruises, this flailing about in the social world has allowed me the opportunity to Do Things.

I do enjoy the Doing of Things.

Last year I did a puppet play. Because of that puppet play, I am now having another Puppet-ish adventure.


This is a Thing I am doing now… not because I know what I’m doing, not because I have any claim to knowledge or skill, not because I’m qualified, just simply because I am incredibly lucky, and I have a Say Yes Policy which opens doors to exciting adventures.

I highly recommend it. The next time an adventure crosses your path… say YES and see what happens? You too, may end up with a Troll in your living room.

Christina Murray messaged me, out of the blue, a stranger with a strange request.

She said, Puppets. She said, Troll, and Puppeteers, and Music, and Giant Hands.

I said… Yes! Absolutely! I am Troll!

This is a Troll.


He’s not finished, but when he’s done he’s going to be a puppet operated by three puppeteers from the Xara Choral Theatre, as they create their Tales of the Old North production called The Three Princesses in the Blue Mountain on November 24-26 at the Alderney Landing Theatre in Dartmouth, NS.


“Join us for our second annual Tales of the Old North holiday production featuring beautiful choral music, stunning visual design, and heartwarming story that is perfect for the whole family! This year’s story is called The Three Princesses in the Blue Mountain and tells the story of a brave Soldier who sets off on a journey into a fairy land to rescue three Princesses who were swept away by a snowdrift. Along the way she must contend with devious competitors, follow a flock of fantastical birds, and battle a giant troll! We will be joined once again by acclaimed actor Jennette White as our Narrator, and the stage will come alive with costumes designed by Berlin-based artist Matthew Peach and lighting design by Matthew Downey. Featuring music by Canadian composers Sarah Quartel, Stephen Hatfield, and Mark Sirret, new arrangements of songs by Coldplay and Metallica from Nova Scotian composer Zoe Leger, this wintery performance will be a treat for all the senses.”

Do I know how to make a giant puppet operated by three puppeteers?

YES… er… actually… no.

No, I don’t.

Am I doing it anyway?


See how easy it is? Just Say Yes!


Here he is, drying in my living room with Marilyn. Everyone should have a giant troll head lolling about in their living room, watched over by Marilyn Monroe. My Love doesn’t think so, but he lets it happen anyway.

The moral of the story? When a lovely stranger contacts you because she needs a Troll… say Yes!

I’ll post more as the adventure continues… the next step: Giant Hands on broom sticks!

You can find more information about Xara Choral Theater here:

And through their facebook page, here:

PicMonkey Collage


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