The show must go on!

The show must go on… just… later.

That classic phrase was coined in Shakespearean times when the Globe theatre in London was producing Hamlet, and King Lear and Romeo and Juliet in a round theater with an open roof; no rainchecks, no electricity, and no motorized vehicles that could thunder down the road in the dark going 100 km/h. There were no “kilometers” back in Shakespeare’s day. The biggest threat to a theatrical performance was a little rain and … oh, maybe the Black Plague or some minor inconvenience like that, but, like, whatev’…

It is with great sorrow and great joy that the Winds of Change is postponing the opening of Mermaid’s Tears. Sorrow because we are excited and determined and can’t wait to entertain the masses… and great joy because two of our main cast players are merely maimed, when it could have been so much worse. We’ll take a broken sternum and a nasty bruising any day, over the alternative!

Grant and Sarah Webber… old and young grandfather on the stage… were in a car accident on Thanksgiving weekend. Perhaps you heard about it? Perhaps you, or some of your family members passed by the ambulances and fire trucks at the scene, just outside Italy Cross last weekend. Two of my children, on their way home for turkey and stuffing and wine, arrived from Halifax saying: “Huge accident just outside Bob and the Boys. Scary!”

We had no idea it was our fellow thespians. We ate turkey. We walked on the beach. We drank too much wine and shared silly family stories. The next day I checked facebook… Wow! Our friends. In a crash. Broken bits and collision and holy cow!

Grant and Jordyn... Grandfather and Esme
Grant and Jordyn… Grandfather and Esme

“Not Constipated Webber!” Abbie cried. Grant was Constable Webber when Abbie was a kid, and, well… in our world Constable rhymes with…

There was no question from the director of the show, Susan Lane, or from any of the cast and crew… we would not even consider replacing our friends with new players to fulfill their roles so we could open on time. It was unthinkable!

Sarah and her alter-ego, Young Grandfather
Sarah and her alter-ego, Young Grandfather

Creating a play is a bonding experience… we work together almost every day, we laugh and groan and roll our eyes and wonder what on earth made us decide to take up theatre as a hobby… and we become a tiny family for a short period of time. Grant and Sarah are part of the soul of our little play, and we will wait for them to be well.

The plan so far is to pick up rehearsals in the New Year and work toward an opening in February. We’ll let you all know when we have the dates confirmed, with many thanks to Chris Ball at the Astor for accommodating us. Thank you so much to those of you who have been asking when you could buy tickets, and showing your support in a variety of ways.

The show WILL go on.

And it will go on with our friends intact, upright, strong and alive.

And that’s all that matters.

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