The LannaThai Kitchen

My Love doesn’t like to be called Mr. Sexy Pants, in public.

I don’t understand. I mean, it’s totally flattering, right?

But, apparently, when I tell a lovely young waitress that she can address him thusly… he seems… uncomfortable. Go figure.

Brittany, the lovely young waitress, asked if she could just call him Mr. S.P., and I thought that was a great compromise. My Love? Not so much. But…this is exactly the kind of delightful, accommodating personal service you will experience at the LannaThai Kitchen, in Bridgewater, NS.


It’s a Thai Restaurant. In BRIDGEWATER. They don’t serve fish and chips. They don’t serve burgers. They don’t serve hot sandwiches drenched in thirty litres of dark gravy… if anyone wants me to review a restaurant that pours dark gravy on everything, I am totally on it, but This, is not That.

Curry, baby. Oh, baby, show me the curry!

The LannaThai is new. They’ve been open for less than a month in an amazing transformation of the old library building on King Street in Bridgewater. Where once books lined the walls, and silence ruled the spaces in between, there is now bustle and hubbub and sweet chili sauce and lemongrass and tamarind, oh my!

The original brick walls have been preserved, and the woodwork around the windows and doors, but now the rooms in the back which once housed whispering librarian offices are bright and fragrant and shining with stainless steel and glass noodles. There’s a bar with a funky blue glass countertop, and you can see the incredible busy-ness of the Asian kitchen through the windows that line the back of the dining room.

My Love ordered Red and I ordered Green Curry, after the spring roll appetizer. He would have preferred some meat in the Spring Rolls, but this is a man who wraps everything in bacon, so he must be given some elbow rooms when it comes to the vegetarian dishes. I found them crispy and light and the sweet Thai chili sauce was just sweet enough to make you want to soak up every last drop.

The curries come with a dish of rice, and your choice of protein: beef, chicken or shrimp, and you can choose mild, medium or hot. The servings are ample, and the flavors? Delish. My Green Curry had a just enough coconut to make you want to drain the bowl with a straw, or smear it over your body and lie in the sun to complete the digestion process. My Love’s Red Curry was hotter with just a sniff of squash and basil to give it body. They were both delicious, and if we were to go back we could order the same dishes with a different meat choice, and different heat option, and have a completely different meal. Don’t be deceived by the short entrée list, there is plenty of variety in its brevity.

Our server, Brittany, was a delight. She weathered our questions with patience and charm, and I kinda want to introduce her to my son, just in case… but my son says I’m not allowed to do that anymore. He says that he can find his own girlfriends, thank you very much Mumma, and that asking cute young waitresses how many children they want is not a good idea.

Hmmph. Whatev’.

We will go back to the LannaThai. The entrée menu is not extensive, with only six options available to date, but with the variety of meat choices and heat options, the possibilities are endless! Next time, I want to try the Khao Pad, because I’m not sure how to pronounce it and that’s got to mean that it tastes fantastic!

How wonderful it is to find an ethnic restaurant nestled in the bricks of the old town which exudes the energy and pulse of a city dining establishment, without the extravagant cost, and without the impersonal service which sometime characterizes such restaurants in bigger centers.

I was delighted with LannaThai. Personal, delicious, throbbing with vitality and flavour; I think everyone should go. Ask Brittany what you should order, but maybe don’t ask her how many children she wants to have. She will call your date Mr. Sexy Pants though, if you tell her that’s his name. Just make sure he thinks that’s OK first.

Here is an article about the LannaThai in Atlantic Restaurant News.

And here is a link to the Lanna Thai website where you can view their menu.

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