Boom, boom, boom!

I’ve just discovered that my latest book is Boomer Lit. I think.

This is incredibly exciting for me, because I suddenly feel like I belong to a Really Cool Club. I’ve always wanted to belong to a Really Cool Club, ever since that time in high school when the cute guy who worked in the university kitchen with me asked if I wanted to go out back and smoke weed. I was sixteen. I said no, and immediately was uncool. My brain cells thanked me, but I have forever after been longing to belong.

Boomer, baby. Pick me!

I had no idea that Boomer Lit even existed. But seriously, think about it. Baby Boomers? How many of them are there? Tons. And now? Those little darlings are all grown up, and they know how to read which is a skill younger generations may be losing, but don’t get me going on the evils of texting or I may LMAO or ROFL and make no sense at all. Baby Boomers grew up reading BOOKS, and they are now embracing the digital age and READING in droves. You go, girl! Or man! All seventy million of you!

My most recent novel, “Indefinitely Idled”, is about a man approaching fifty who has lost his job of 23 years, his wife leaves him and he is faced with a life-altering event at an age when he was getting ready to think about retirement and seeing his kid through university. This booms of Boomerism! I didn’t really know where to market my book because it didn’t seem to fit easily into the genres I was familiar with. It’s not romance… the cover sports a hairy man in a flannel. My editor warned me away from the fur, saying “Lots of women don’t like them hairy” but I love my cover. I think it’s sexy and mature and intriguing. I would go so far as to say it BOOMS. And I love hairy men. One hairy man in particular. He’ll be fifty this year and is the sexiest man on the planet. (Don’t tell him I said that… he blushes easily!)

My novel isn’t Young Adult, although it has a teenager facing a crisis in her own life, but the story really belongs to her father, Hal, who is thrown into torments over her lip piercing and desire to change her name from Brandy to Randi. With an i.

It’s not Chick Lit, or LGBT, because even though there is a thirty-something lesbian facing the loss of a pivotal relationship in her life, it is more about her meeting up with Hal in the moment of his despair.

There’s also Mina, the old age pensioner with the dying cat who is forced, against her will, to care for everyone who stumbles into her path. So, there are two older main characters facing serious changes in their lives… I think my novel is Boomer, and I love that.

Boomer Lit is a growing genre that parallels YA Lit, in that it marks a turning point for the characters, but rather than a coming-of-age conflict, it is a “third-stage of life” issue.

“Just as YA lit focuses on the first transition to adulthood, Boomer Lit is about the next big transition. Now that the youngest Boomer is 49 and the oldest is 67, they once again want to read books that will show them how to address the “Third Act” of their lives. And they want books featuring mature characters that reflect themselves.”    –Claude Nougat,

This is exactly what I have been writing about, without knowing there was a Cool Club to belong to. It’s like being country, when country wasn’t cool. (Ah, Barbra Mandrell, and George Jones… sing it baby!) It’s like never throwing out that old tube top, when tube tops suddenly come back in style.

Ok. So maybe tube tops never came back in style, and I should never, never wear a tube top in public, but being a Boomer Lit author is very cool all the same.

Realizing that I now belong to a Cool Club, and am therefore a recipient of all the Cool Perks of being in a Cool Club… the failing vision, the aching hips, the throbbing uterus and concern over my pension and my savings account for my retirement villa in Newfoundland… what? My furry love is a hunter. He lives to hunt moose in Newfoundland. If we can ever retire, it’ll be to a heavily forested northern clime with freakishly large mammals roaming the landscape. I can Boom anywhere, baby!

Anyway, the perks of being in the Boomer Lit group include a wonderful Goodreads community that you should check out if you too are Booming, and did I mention…. 70,000,000 members?

Biggest Cool Club I’ve ever been in.

Wanna check out some Boomer Lit, to see what I’m talking about? Here’s a brief  list:

The Hook in the Sky, by Claude Nougat

The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry, by Rachel Joyce

The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared, by Jonas Jonasson

And here are some good articles to check out as well:

On the Edge: Boomer Lit, by Jordan E. Rosenfeld

Are You Ready For Boomer Lit? by Laurie Boris

And a list:

Popular Boomer Lit, Goodreads

And… oh yeah… there’s my book: Indefinitely Idled.

Boom, boom, boom!


Available now on Amazon
Available now on Amazon

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  1. Love the title and it’s definitely a Boomer Lit premise! This is an excellent post and I’m sharing it herewith. Do post it also on Facebook in the Boomer Lit page of our Goodreads Group!
    I totally agree with the Boomer Lit books you listed as examples, there are many more that I’m sure your readers will enjoy or that they have perhaps read without realizing it was Boomer Lit, like Deborah Moggach’s The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel or Louis Begley’s About Schmidt. They made great movies from both books!

  2. Thanks for this list. I’ve added The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared just for the title alone. Top of my list would be Journey (If Where You’re Going Isn’t Home) by Max Zimmer. The first in a trilogy and one of the best books I have read in years.

  3. Just downloaded ‘Indefinitely Idled’. A few weeks ago someone asked me who would be a suitable reader for my debut novel and I replied “from the Baby Boomers and all those who came after them.” I had no idea at that time that this genre existed. You have no rollicking idea just how excited I am. I have found my self a home for my words. And now, I will spend the evening relishing “Indefinitely Idled” to wallow in my time zone.

    1. I knew nothing about Boomer Lit either. Makes you wonder what else might be out there that defines you… I have a weiner dog, so maybe I belong to an obscure branch of writing known as Weiner Lit. It’s a little like porn, only longer and furrier. Who knew? 🙂

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